Hoi An Rainy Flooding Seasons & 10 fun things to do

Hoi An rainy flooding seasons. All you need to know about Hoi An floods.

When is the Hoi An rainy flooding season in?

Normally, in the middle of October Hoi An starts to have the rain.  It will normally end at the end of  Dec. 

Despite the fact that the rainfall is unpredictable and varies greatly from year to year, on average, there is a major downpour every four years, accompanied by a higher number of typhoons during that time. Additionally, from October through December, Hội An experiences prolonged periods of dry weather interrupted by heavy rainfall.

Due to the volume of the rain, it might cause a big or small Hoi An floods near the river area. 

My experience over years living in Hoi An rainy flooding season.

In 2020, there was a biggest flood, the water went up to the street nearest the Hoi An river. However you can still walk around the town and take photo. It only takes a few hours or 1 day maximum for water to withdraw.

2021 is peaceful year with litte rain, and very light flood.

2022 is year of storms with 6-7 storms in 3 months. One to two days each. Hoi An floods came but the water raised up very little around the areas near rivers.

2023 is very peaceful, with rain for maximum 10 days in a row. But no storms, no typhoon at all. So you see, the weather overall in Hoi An rainy flooding season is not bad. 


Hoi An Rainy flooding season.

It can be fun in Hoi An rainy flooding season.

Hoi An floods rainny season here is anyway, beautiful and romantic. It mgiht sounds funny. But for tourists, it can be fun experience. Too see the life of locals, how people deal with Hoi An floods water. However for the locals, it is a little bit inconvenient, since they have to prepare and be ready all the time, because the flood can come anytime after many days of big heavy rain.

After years, I learnt to take it easy as part of life. Because we all know. As people live near the sea, and enjoy beautiful Hoi An very much. We also need to put up with it sometimes also. Like the sayings: “You can not see the rainbow without the rain”.

When it rains so hard for many days, I have to listen to the news. I often get updated with the notifications from the goverments. If the goverment’s gonna open the dams to release the water? And how deep the water level will be? The rest of the time, I welcomed the customers to the sewing or embroidery workshop at Little Daisy Hoi An.

My guests were thrilled to have fun things to do in Hoi An on rainy days.


Many roads in the water.

If Hoi An floods is level 1 or level 2, maybe it is just gonna flood in front of my gate. But if water level is 3, the water will be 50 cm inside my house. And my private house is about 20 meters far from the river bank. I live in Cam Nam island, covered by Thu Bon river. People in Cam Nam area always have to learn to deal with the flood every year.


Boat riding in the Hoi An road

There was a time coming back to Hoi An, I had to ask the locals let me in their boat to back to my house. But it happened only one times in 5 years i am living in Hoi An floods season. It can be dangerous sometimes since the water is very strong in some roads. And in some other paths, the water could not be deep enough for the boat to float on. From the old town to my stuido located at the end of Cam Nam area, we have to decide which ways to go, for the safety. We can walk, but it is very slippery and dirty, the water was 1 meter high from my feet.

The water withdrew within one and a half day. And the floods is not regular every year. And after that, we had a bunch of work to do to clean the mud for some houses near the river only.  That is the reason why getting to know it more is important. Even if you plan to move to Hoi An, or just choose the time for traveling in Hoi An.

The areas near the beach, and Tan An Ward could be less affected by the flood. So if you wanna choose the hoteld to rent, or housed to live, better take it into your consideration.


Me on the boat in Hoi An road (very adventurous)

How people deal with floods in Hoi An rainy flooding season?

It is normally floody for a few days in many months. It takes only 1 -1.5 days for the flood water goes away. People normally pick uo their belonging higher above the ground. 

However, the consequences could be a lot. It is always good to choose a place to live that does not flood. That’s why the houses in Cam Nam area are always built high. The electrical system is high also. We might lose the electricity in the flood.

After all, people in Hoi An always have to face to many difficulties in flooding season. So if you can find anyways to support them, please dont hesitate. Anymore question about Hoi An, please send us a comment.

Fun embroidery & sewing workshop in Hoi An floody rainy season.

When visiting Hoi An during the rainy season, it’s important to be aware of the potential for flooding. However, don’t let bad weather ruin your vacation! There are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as exploring the charming town, trying out local cuisine, and shopping for souvenirs. At Little Daisy Hoi An, we offer private handicraft workshops that can be held at a coffee shop or even at your homestay or hotel. Get hands-on experience with traditional Vietnamese techniques and enjoy a fun and educational activity, especially when it’s rainy outside. So why not take advantage of rainy days and learn something new? Book a handicraft workshop with us and discover the beauty of Vietnamese crafting traditions.

Fun things to do in Hoi An rainy flooding season.

Besides, no matter when you decide to visit Hoi An, Here is the list of fun things to do, and all about Hoi An travel might helful. Link here

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