Fun Hand Embroidery Workshop Hoi An 2024

Hand embroidery workshop for beginners is one of top things to do in Hoi An. 

Class Location: Cafe shop in Town with AC, or our traditional wooden studio near town with AC.

Learn the beautiful art of hand embroidery.

On our hand embroidery workshop, you can choose to embroider on bags, or make embroidered bookmarks, notebooks or decorate your  favorite clothing. This is a great chance to learn an embroidery skill that benefits you forever. We make sure you learn all the cool stitches.

Why choosing our hand embroidery workshop?

Little Daisy Hoi An are the team of best local Hoi An artisans, embroidery experts who provide the service of hand embroidery on clothings, bags, pictures. Master in all art of hand embroidery, on silk, on cotton. With our classes, you dont need to learn anywhere else,

Learn skill that benefit you your whole life.

And then, after all, in your free time, you can have hand embroidery as a hobby. You are the queen of your own world. And no one can deny your beauty and charm reflected from your heart, hands and soul.

All material prepared by us.

We make sure you can do all nice stitches and bring products home. Our hand embroidery workshop take places at a serene and picturesque studio in Hoi An, and we provide a photographic album featuring your creations during the class as an included benefit.

Customizable time to join.

So pick up the time you prefer and join our in person embroidery classes. 

How to book our workshops?

We speak Good English, so please book direct with us the get best benefits and prices.

Ask for the class fit your need and budget.

 Here are three packages of the class:

SPECIAL DEAL: 5% discount for all workshops in June 2024. PLUS: Withdraw 1-3 card tarot reading for free as gift to you.

embroidery hoi an package

Some other fun things to do in Hoi An.

Besides hand embroidery workshop, our sewing workshop is one of the best things to do in Hoi An, click Link. 

For crochet workshop, please visit Link.

According to the perspective of the locals, when it comes to activities to enjoy in Hoi An, I recommend checking out the website at Link.

Please follow Little Daisy Hoi An on Youtube and Instagram. More free content for you to learn and update.


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