Sewing workshop Hoi An – Make top & skirt

Sewing Workshop For Beginners in Hoi An.

Looking for fun things to do while travelling.

Margarida came to our sewing workshop as the first time she is trying to sew something. She was looking for some fun things to do in Hoi An while travelling.

Sewing workshop is new so it is easy to understand that she got nervous to use the machines. But turn out, she told me she likes them. They are slow and easy to deal with. 

Learn the cutting and sewing.

After I teach her the basic cutting, she can sew basic straight and curle lines on the fabric. In the sewing workshop, she learnt to cut, sew by steps.

Under the guidance and the instruction, we finished the top and skirt within 3-hour sewing workshop.

This sewing workshop is customizable for her, to make 2 pieces of clothing. One for her, the other is for her sister. Which is difficult for her to decide which piece to keep, since they all are nice.

I am proud of her, to come to our sewing workshop, try a new thing. And finish two pieces of clothing and bring home.

I will remember my 21 -year old beautiful student from my sewing workshop.

Contact us via WhapsApp/Phone/Email to book sewing workshop as the time as fit you.

In our Sewing Workshop in Hoi An, we teach participants how to make a skirt and top. After learning basic cutting techniques, participants are able to sew straight and curved lines on their fabric. With our guidance, they complete both the top and skirt within a 3-hour session.

This workshop can be customized for individuals to create two pieces of clothing, one for themselves and one for a sibling. It’s a difficult decision for them to choose which piece to keep since they all turn out beautifully.

We take pride in our students’ willingness to try something new and leave with two finished garments. Contact us via WhatsApp/Phone/Email to book the sewing workshop at your convenience.

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