Fun Activities To Do In Hoi An

Fun Activities to Do in Hoi An.

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1. Introduction

Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam, is known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture. Aside from its famous ancient town, Hoi An offers a unique and enjoyable activity for travelers – embroidery.

In this article, we will explore Little Daisy Hoi An’s embroidery workshop, where two French travelers, Kawai and Josephine, discovered the joy of embroidery during their stay in Hoi An Vietnam.

2. Little Daisy Hoi An’s Embroidery Workshop

Little Daisy Hoi An is a local business that offers traditional crafts classes, including embroidery, batik, sewing, painting, and crochet.

The workshop is located in a cozy and charming wooden studio in the heart of Hoi An’s Old Town. Kawai and Josephine, two French travelers, stumbled upon this workshop and decided to give embroidery a try.

3. The Embroidery Class – One of fun activities while you are in Hoi An.

The embroidery class was taught by a local artisan who has been practicing embroidery for over 10 years. The class started with an introduction to the basics of embroidery, such as holding the needle and thread properly, creating different types of stitches, and transferring a design onto fabric. The teacher was friendly, patient, and passionate about embroidery, making the class enjoyable for Kawai and Josephine.

4. Learning and Sharing is amazing activities to do in Hoi An.

As they worked on their projects, Kawai and Josephine chatted with each other and exchanged stories about their travels in Vietnam. They also interacted with the teacher and shared their experiences with embroidery.

The teacher encouraged them to ask questions and share their stories, creating a friendly and engaging atmosphere in the class.

5. Completing the Projects

After two hours of intense concentration and creativity, Kawai and Josephine finished their tote bags with pride and satisfaction. They admired each other’s work and complimented each other on their skills.

The teacher praised them for their hard work and dedication to learning embroidery, giving them tips on how to improve their techniques further.

6. The Impact of the Workshop

Kawai and Josephine left Little Daisy Hoi An’s embroidery workshop feeling inspired and fulfilled. They had learned new skills and gained new perspectives on life through this cultural experience.

They expressed their gratitude to Little Daisy Hoi An’s staff for providing them with such an enriching activity during their stay in Hoi An. They also recommended this workshop to other travelers who are interested in learning traditional crafts in Vietnam.

Top fun activities to do in Hoi An.

Little Daisy Hoi An’s embroidery workshop is an excellent activity for travelers who want to immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture while having fun at the same time.

The workshop offers a unique opportunity for visitors to learn traditional crafts from local artisans in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Whether you are an experienced embroiderer or a beginner like Kawai and Josephine, this workshop will challenge you creatively while providing you with valuable insights into Vietnamese culture.

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So, why not come to Hoi An and discover the joy of embroidery at Little Daisy Hoi An’s workshop? Your hands will thank you!

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