Crochet classes Da Nang Hoi An

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Crochet classes Da Nang Hoi An


Crochet classes Da Nang Hoi An.

What could be better than spending a few hours per week over coffee to learn crochet? A basic crochet course in Hoi An and Da Nang is definitely something you shouldn’t miss! The course will give you the fundamental knowledge of crochet, allowing you to create unique and beautiful pieces of crochet in just a few lessons. These can include stuffed animals, pants, sweaters, bags, and various accessories such as earrings and hair clips.

The course has no limit on the number of sessions, so you can learn weekly until you become an expert, with classes held at 43 Tran Van Tru, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

The course starts with introducing the basics of crochet, from using crochet hooks to shaping and different techniques. Then, you will be shown how to crochet various types of hats, pants, sweaters and other crochet accessories, as well as how to read charts and patterns.

Finally, you will learn how to create your own crochet charts and designs, ensuring your pieces are unique and fashionable.

If you want to experience our basic crochet course in Hoi An and Da Nang, send us a message for more information on tuition fees and scheduling flexible hours that suit you.

Tuition fees cost VND 1,200,000, paid by bank transfer or cash.

Account number: 0991000029501 – Vietcombank – Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen

Content: “Crochet course + Name + Phone number”

Little Daisy Hoi An
43 Tran Van Tru, Da Nang (Ante cafe)
Handicraft school Hoi An, Vietnam
Phone: 094 657 46 33


Program framework for crochet classes Da Nang  Hoi An:

1. Basic crochet stitches:
– Single crochet stitch
– Double crochet stitch
– Single crochet column stitch
– Double crochet column stitch

2. Advanced crochet stitches:
– Mesh stitch
– Cross-stitch
– Join stitch
– Crochet loop stitch
– Rough crochet stitch
– Crochet button stitch

3. Animal crochet:
– Crochet turtle
– Crochet tiger
– Crochet rabbit
– Crochet penguin
– Crochet elephant

4. Crochet coaster:
– Crochet round coaster
– Crochet square coaster
– Crochet heart-shaped coaster

5. Crochet flowers:
– Simple crochet flower
– Crochet rose
– Crochet cherry blossom
– Crochet daisy

6. Crochet bags:
– Crochet crossbody bag
– Crochet handbag
– Crochet phone pouch

7. Crochet clothes:
– Crochet scarf
– Crochet coat
– Crochet T-shirt

8. Crochet dresses:
– Crochet dress with flared skirt
– Crochet short dress
– Crochet long dress

9. Design your own crochet chart:
– Guide on how to design a crochet chart
– Guide on choosing suitable crochet stitches
– Guide on calculating the number of crochet points and stitches needed for a design.


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